At ZS Tax we are ready to offer you brand new, very specific service that can help strengthen your business, particularly if you are in start- up phase:

If your business is growing and becoming more complex, and you’re not quite ready financially to add a full-time CFO or accounting staff to your team, ZS TAX can fulfill this need in a cost effective manner. We can provide professional excellence in financial consulting.

Outsourced CFO role changes based on the current needs, challenges, or goals of an organization:

  • We can define financial strategy of your organization (long term planning , not just analysis of past and current financial data)
  • Short and long term forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Interpreting your financial reports
  • Assistance in due diligence
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Additional services such as compilation of financial statements, audit readiness engagements, and financial plan set-up and review are also available.

We can offer different types of packages based on the agreed number of hours per month .

Below you can find our standard options - however, we believe that each package should be tailor made to suit the specific Client’s needs:

  • 16 hours per month
  • Helps you build strong internal financial structure
  • Increase efficiency of your accounting system -we can analyze your accounting system and define areas of improvement
  • 40 hours per month
  • Plan and further growth of your company
  • Set up a system of management reports
  • Set up of goals for figures and ratios and potential risk analysis
  • 80 hours per month
  • Analysis of your revenue and cost streams and identify areas that are not running efficiently
  • Access to funding and investments-we can introduce you to a network of potential suppliers and partners to enable the further growth of your business
  • Consider regional or global expansion